Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require special flooring needs. Explore our healthcare flooring solutions designed with patients and care staff in mind.

Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Comfortable, clean and long-lasting floors contribute to better learning at all ages. Explore flooring solutions that are designed for educational facilities.

Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

We know how important it is for a retail business to stand out. Explore floors that enhance the customer experience and contribute to a strong brand image.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Floors contribute to a memorable guest experience for leisure or business travelers. Explore floors that can provide a touch of world-class design and comfort.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

The right choice of flooring can transform a house into a home. Bring your interior design to life and explore our large selection of floor colors and textures.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

The definition of the modern workplace is changing. Explore our broad portfolio of flooring solutions that are adapted to new ways of working and collaborating.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Sporting events, wellness centres and gyms offer a healthy outlet for people of all ages. Explore floors that provide safety, comfort and athletic performance.

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Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Providing a flooring solution for all areas on board a cruise ship, commercial airplane, bus or train requires regulations knowledge and trade expertise. You need a dedicated team that can support your project and help you design the perfect solution for your ...

Discover flooring solutions tailored to your industry

Floors for industry and Life Science to create productive and clean spaces.

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AirMaster® Reflection - Desso
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Modular Carpet

AirMaster® Reflection - Desso


The DESSO AirMaster Reflection collection is inspired by Japanese design philosophy centred around balance, serenity and nature. The collection offers an inspiring and sustainable way to significantly reduce harmful fine dust particles in hotels and the workplace. By capturing and keeping them where they can do no harm: under your feet.

The multi-layered design allows you to experiment with lines, textures and colours to create visually calming sanctuaries. The striking collection is available in nine shades across three broad themes; earthy reds and browns; soft and warm neutrals and muted cool hues. The palette selection makes it the perfect flooring choice for a range of different settings including a tranquil spa, contemporary boutique hotel and a welcoming workplace.

Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Commercial classification: 33 Heavy
Domestic classification: 23 Heavy
Construction Process: TUFTED
Dye Method: Solution dyed
Secondary backing: DESSO EcoBase® - Containing on average 80% C2C positively defined recycled content
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DESSO AirMaster Reflection: good for people and the planet

As the lines between home, hospitality and workplace continue to blur, this 100% recyclable collection has been designed to offer a respite from our frantic and fractured existence with wellbeing built into the fabric of the flooring. The DESSO AirMaster Reflection collection encapsulates Tarkett’s principles of balance perfectly; it is good for people and the planet.

DESSO AirMaster Savera & Savera Shade herringbone design
Technical and environmental specifications

DESSO AirMaster Reflection: Clears the Air®

DESSO AirMaster Reflection features Tarkett’s patented AirMaster technology, offering tangible health benefits by reducing fine dust in the indoor air. The importance of clean air can hardly be overstated. Tiny, invisible particles called particulate matter (PM), also known as particle pollution or fine dust, play a determining factor in the air quality of hotels and workplaces, and are directly linked to health risks.* Our presence of mind, our sense of well-being and our health in general all benefit greatly from air free of pollutants.

DESSO AirMaster Reflection Clears the Air image
About AirMaster® Reflection - Desso