Calculate your project’s carbon footprint

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of green house gases (CO2eq) that are generated by our activities. We can calculate the carbon footprint of a country, a business, a product, etc. product carbon footprint records the total carbon emissions of a product over its life cycle.

Why is it so important?

The carbon footprint is a very important means to understand the impact we have on global warming. The building and construction industry can make a major difference as they represent 39% of global GHG emissions (production, transport & incineration) and 60-70% of total waste. 

climate change effects

How is it calculated?

Our calculator includes emissions for each of the product life cycle stages, material, transportation, the energy consumed in the manufacturing process, the use and end-of life stage to determine its calculations. All calculations are based on our EPDs and third-party verified. 

flooring life cycle stages including recycling

Calculate your project's carbon footprint

Building a new hospital?

Calculate the carbon footprint for your project.

Working on a school project?

Calculate the carbon footprint for your project.

Rethinking the workplace?

Calculate the carbon footprint for your project.

Reimagining collective housing?

Calculate the carbon footprint for your project.

Taking on a hospitality project?

Calculate the carbon footprint for your project.

Refurbishing a store?

Calculate the carbon footprint for your project.

Want to make a difference? Join ReStart®

Join our ReStart® take-back and recycling programme and rest assured your flooring will be collected and recycled into raw material to be used in new Tarkett flooring. 


And reduce your impact with recycling

Calculating carbon footprints makes it possible to identify the main sources of emissions in a product, which in turn shows the potential for optimisation and avoidance. The end of life stage is one with great carbon reduction potential. Recycling old flooring reduces carbon emissions by avoiding incineration or landfill and raw materials extraction.

Recycling old vinyl floors

Discover how we pioneer post-use recycling for homogeneous vinyl flooring. A story with IKEA.

Recycling old linoleum floors

Read more about how we pioneer old linoleum floors recycling.

Recycling old carpet tiles

Closing the loop on carpets in a European industry first.

Looking to go carbon neutral?

Carbon conscious programme

Choosing Tarkett comes with the assurance that you are choosing products consciously designed with a reduction of carbon footprint in mind from the onset. Where we are unable to further reduce carbon emissions through our rigorous product design and manufacturing processes, we offer to offset the remainder, through our Carbon Conscious Programme, with externally verified carbon credits.

Looking for circular products?

The Circular selection

The Circular Selection gathers together our circular collections. These collections are eco-designed with circularity and end-of-life recycling in mind. Selecting a flooring from our Circular Selection is a guarantee your flooring waste will be collected and recycled post-installation and post-use.


Need support?

Looking to get more details or support on your project? We’re here to help! Please get in touch with your local sales representative.

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