Sustainable Building Programs

Sustainable Building Programs

Sustainable Building Labels are environmental labels certifying a building is responsible and resource-efficient throughout its life-cycle. 

In Asia, there are 2 main Sustainable Building Labels: LEED & WELL

Designed following the Cradle to Cradle principles, Tarkett floorings can help you achieve points in those buildings labels.

To win points we can provide you with Environment Product Declaration (EPD), Content Declaration including the percentage of Recycled content, details on our recycling Program Restart, Material Health Statement, Cradle to Cradle Certificates, our progress on the U.N. Global Compact, Test reports on Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) or Floorscore Certificates, Interior lighting (LRV) and acoustic test reports. 

Tarkett North America has partnered up with Ecomedes, to browse and quickly identify flooring products that match your sustainability requirements. 

If you have questions or if you need the certificates, please contact us.