Tarkett Solid LVT

Tarkett Solid LVT Range!


This unique and innovative collection provides endless options for creative installation and one-of-a kind wayfinding. Tarkett Solid LVT Range collection includes 2 mix-and-match patterns, LINEN a fabric inspired design and TISSE a more linear pattern available on soft colours. The range includes a total of 11 colour options including a complete palette of colours: yellow, orange, red, several shades of blue, green and brown. These designs are available on 4 standard collections: iD Essential 30, iD Elegance 55, Starfloor Click 30-55 and can be produced on a variety of formats, including planks 121.9 x 22.9 cm and tiles 91.44 x 91.44 cm which are the standard formats


This collection comes with the unique Tarkett Top Clean XP coating that strengthens it, extends the life-cycle and simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Our LVT uses a phthalate-free technology, based on alternative plasticizers that can be used for sensitive applications such as the production of toys, food packaging and medical devices. Its 100% Recyclable and the total VOC emissions are at least 10 times lower than Europe’s strictest standards.