How to succeed in the race to net zero carbon buildings?

How to succeed in the race to net zero carbon buildings?

05th July 2022

Tarkett hosted the panel discussion ‘How to succeed in the race to net zero carbon buildings’, moderated by Roddy Clarke, a journalist and speaker focusing on what true sustainability really means today. Speakers included Myriam Tryjefaczka, EMEA Sustainability Director, TarkettDr Shamir Ghumra, Head of Building Performance Services at BRE Group and Casper Østergaard Christensen, Head of Circular Building Practice, Architect, and DGNB Consultant at 3XN/GNX.

“We are in this race together” - Roddy Clarke

In the race to net zero carbon buildings, circularity plays a key role. While architects have acknowledged that they need to reduce embodied carbon by at least 40% from current business as baseline figures before offsetting, for projects in operation in 2030*, this is a huge challenge which we are still quite a way off. With an objective to engage stakeholders in the race and define the paths going forward, the panel discussed prominent topics such as:

  • Walking the talk, integrating products’ end of use into the equation to properly evaluate CO2 impacts.
  • Improving carbon literacy and taking a global view on the carbon footprint including embodied carbon and products’ end of use scenarios.
  • The supporting infrastructure and legislation in place and how it is moving in the right direction.
  • The importance of modularity providing the flexibility for the built environment to evolve over time through renovations.
  • Using the right materials.
  • Taking accountability and effectively engaging in the transition.
  • And more information to discover in the replay.

Tarkett is eager to support you in the transition to net zero carbon buildings, so please contact for more information. For expert advice on the race to net zero carbon interiors, watch the replay of the event (link below).

(2021) RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge