Tarkett’s circular products at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023

Tarkett’s circular products at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023

07th February 2023

From Feb 7 to Feb 11 at Stockholm Furniture Fair, Tarkett’s materials which will be used for several stands are all circular, reflecting Tarkett’s commitment to building “The Way to Better Floors” with the purpose to reduce carbon emissions thanks to circular economy.  

  • The Nude Edition (Hall C15:21F) 

Visitors can discover Tarkett’s DESSO Recharge carpet tiles in the flooring area of the Nude Edition, a small-scale area that showcases a new and sustainable approach to exhibiting. With 11 pre-built stands made of recycled and recyclable material, this area offers the visitor a quick overview of new, innovative and sustainable products. Recharge is a truly circular product that was designed to be disassembled so that its components can be easily recycled into raw materials for new textile flooring. In this case, the flooring will be reused in another project after the show, but the day it is torn out, it can be taken back through Tarkett’s ReStart® programme and recycled to create new flooring. 

  • Swedish Design Movement (Hall C04:27) 

With its expressive, yet simple and sustainable architecture designed by Note (design studio), the Swedish Design Movement's stand has been built as an open-air cinema showcasing videos and providing a space for conversation in the middle of the busy fair. Its walls and floors are clad with Tarkett’s homogeneous vinyl collection iQ Eminent. The material is fully recyclable and will be returned to Tarkett’s facility in Ronneby after the fair, where it will become raw material for new floors. 

  • Zilenzio (Hall C09:43) 

Tarkett Lino Originale Essenza+ has been selected by Note (design studio) to cover the floors of the Zilenzio stand. Zilenzio develops and delivers high-quality sound absorption using thought-out and well-designed solutions for the workplace environment. The scenography beautifully illustrates the use of Tarkett Lino for quiet office spaces. Tarkett Lino is a sustainable material made from renewable raw materials that can be recycled post installation as well as post-use in Tarkett’s recycling facility. Dampening sound, also available in an acoustic version, it is very suitable for an office.

  • Blå Station (Hall C10:34)

Blå Station, a design furniture manufacturer has also selected fully recyclable DESSO carpet products to cover the floor of their stand.