Wayfinding and Social Distancing flooring offer in Post Covid-19 workspace

Safe return to work

Solutions for a post COVID-19 workplace

As the world starts to emerge from COVID-19 lockdowns, businesses are trying to balance the reopening of the economy with the health and wellbeing of its employees. Flooring has a crucial part to play in tackling some of the key challenges presented by the return to the office. Naturally, this includes optimizing workplace safety through office wayfinding and office zoning, but also as a means of contributing to a healthy and welcoming place.

Irrespective of your short, near or long term workplace policy in the aftermath of the coronavirus, the Tarkett team is here to help. We provide practical consultancy on social distancing workplace floor plan design and inspiration as well as giving virtual presentations.

Rethinking workplace: Return to the office

Explore the first volume of our rethinking workplace series: a collection of guides to support employers, specifiers and contractors as they journey back to the office; short, medium and long term.

Office Zoning & Wayfinding

Flooring can play a key role in contributing to a healthy and welcoming workplace by creating clear – yet flexible – zones, helping your employees and visitors maintain social distancing and keep safe thanks to optimal office wayfinding.

Icons carpet tiles

With Tarkett Icons office wayfinding arrows you have a flexible, simple and cost-effective way of guiding employees and visitors into your office safely and easily.

Design consultancy & floorplan design

Fitting offices with adequate wayfinding and office zoning measures in line with Government guidelines is critical for workplace safety. By embedding signage within the floor, employees have a clear, constant and visual reminder of how to navigate around the office and maintain social distancing.

Carpet tiles and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) products offer almost limitless potential in terms of colours and patterns and can be used independently and together.

Our design teams at Tarkett are available to support you with your interior planning and layout.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Emerging from lockdown good cleaning and maintenance regimes contribute to creating a healthy workplace and are key to preventing a second wave of the coronavirus. When it comes to flooring, carpet and LVT offer different benefits.

Carpet is simple to vacuum and does not need any additional cleaning agents, while smooth flooring like LVT is easy to wipe down. Neither options will degrade prematurely even under the harsher than normal cleaning regimes ahead.

Our cleaning and maintenance guides can be found on each product page.

Indoor Air Quality

The global push for clean air has never been more urgent. Researchers at Harvard University have determined that just a small increase in the long-term exposure to air pollution – particulate matter (PM) or fine dust - significantly heightens the risk of Covid-19 fatalities.

As floorcoverings go, DESSO Airmaster has been proven to be eight times more effective at capturing and retaining fine dust than smooth flooring solutions - and four times better than any other carpet.

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