Office Design Trends in 2023

Office Design Trends in 2023

The office design trends of 2023 will be defined by the "post-pandemic" future of work. With most companies demanding staff return to the office for all or part of the week, the design trends seem to ease the transition from working from home to come back to the office.

Here are some of the office design trends to keep in mind for 2023.

Provide Retreat 

Working from home has given us a lot of choice and freedom, to move into another room for quiet work or to step out for some fresh air. This idea is taken into workplace to provide retreat and create a dedicated space for people to go to escape.

Encourage Movement 

Time in the office needs to be purposeful and encourage movement to maximize productivity and quality of interactions. This idea is to create different zones or floors within the office space to create a diverse landscape which will encourage people to move around. 

Elevate User Experience 

Blending the concept of residential and commercial together, it creates a hotelification of the workplace. Drawing on the influences of home or what it feels like when you enter a hospitality setting, it can provide an elevated working experience. 

Remote First 

Transitioning from remote working, working in a full office can be overwhelming. Remote design is to provide a private space for working as well to recognize the benefits of working in an office for easy collaboration and communication with others.

Build For Adaption 

This idea of building for adaption has to be considered at an early stage in the design process so that you can think about establishing a discipline in an office design that allows the key circulation areas to be maintained if or when you need to adapted to your workplace.