Marine & Transport

Marine & Transport

Floorings for Marine or Transportation applications need to be resistant to heavy traffic. Tarkett offers a whole range of vinyl and carpet floorings that are specific for these applications. Tarkett is the one-stop-shop flooring solutions provider for the Marine industry!

Marine Solutions

As specialist in the market for over 35 years, Tarkett marine is your true partner for marine flooring. Seamlessly combining resilient & carpet flooring, from standard, stock products to bespoke, luxury woven Axminster Carpet.

On top of our wide range of marine products, certified as per IMO / MED regulations, we offer SMART Project Management based on Total Cost of Ownership. It is all about optimizing cost, avoiding waste, improving installation in time and labor, fleet management and sets a baseline for budgeting. This is done through careful calculations and technical planning to reduce waste and ensuring just-in-time delivery in full compliance with your standards and needs.

Our carpet Marine collections include custom design collections

  • Axminster Sculpt - Enabling to create a truly unique effect for ultimate luxury experience. Benefit from unlimited creative possibilities and a structured, organic depth never-before-seen in Axminster Carpet.
  • Axminster - Luxurious DESSO Axminster carpets offering endless design possibilities and an outstanding beauty. Design complex, crispy clear patterns whilst providing long term durability.
  • Gravure (printed) - Experience unprecedented freedom in carpet design with our custom-made Gravure printed carpet. Bringing outstanding color and clarity to your design through use of printing technologies that apply pattern to a white ‘greige’ tufted carpet surface by injecting dye with high pressure jet heads, achieving optimal dye penetration.

And in-stock solutions for fast availability

  • Axminster in stock - A premium quality Axminster carpet available directly from stock in four intriguing patterns and color combinations. Perfect for interior design projects that run on a tight schedule.
  • Tide - A 100% solution dyed nylon product. Tide lends a feeling of rippling waters to the indoors with its subtly layered wavy design. Like the tidal ridges of the seabed, this textured carpet allows you to play with the space to create a serene flooring with a nautical look. Bring the ocean to your own room with four nautical colors; dark and light blue, dark and light grey. Tide is IMO Part 2 certified and can be applied in all areas except escape routes & emergency exits.

Our vinyl Marine collections include 5 standard collections of Homogenous Vinyl

  • Granit Multisafe - Our solutions specific for wet rooms. Granit Multisafe is an extremely durable safety floor that helps prevent the risk of slipping in heavy-traffic wet areas like public bathrooms and shower rooms. A studded anti-slip provides a high level of protection for bare feet, even when the floor is covered with soap and water.
  • iQ Granit - Part of Tarkett’s iQ Range which name is for ‘Intelligent Quality’. iQ Granit benefits from outstanding durability ease of cleaning and maintenance and the best life cycle costs. It outperforms every other product on the market thanks to its Unique Surface Restoration. This innovative technology produces a glass hard surface that required only dry buffing to regenerate its original appearance and that requires no wax, no polish, forever.
  • Standard Plus - Is a range that offer multi-purpose functionality and delivery good value for money. The classic directional pattern and refreshed color collection offer great opportunities for creating modern and attractive interior. Its application is mostly found in crew cabins and crew areas.
  • Vylon Plus - With a classic soft pattern in 30 colorways across sheets and tiles, Vylon Plus is a multi-purpose homogenous vinyl floor with excellent value for money. Its factory applied acrylic finish required no initial wax or polish and makes the gloss level adjusted by polishing.

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