iQ vinyl floors contribute to a truly Circular Economy

iQ vinyl floors contribute to a truly Circular Economy

Tarkett’s iQ collections are developed with the circular economy in mind

The iQ flooring is homogeneous vinyl floor made with phthalate-free plasticiser and a carefully selected blend of mineral fillers. It’s an extremely tough, resilient industrial material with a uniform surface that is just 2mm thick. With vinyl as its primary ingredient, Tarkett is able to replace a proportion of virgin material with recycled material from production, but also post-use homogeneous vinyl flooring and installation waste, collected as part of its self-initiated ‘takeback’ programme, ReStart (for installation and post-use waste).

Post use recycling

To enable its customers to recycle discarded vinyl floors, Tarkett is currently conducting a post-use recycling pilot project in the Nordic countries. With this aim, Tarkett recently developed an innovative technical solution in Sweden enabling its torn out homogeneous vinyl floors (made from 2011 and onwards) to be cleaned from glue and concrete residues, and turned into vinyl of the same quality as vinyl made from virgin raw materials. This means that iQ floors can be installed, used for decades and then turned straight back into a new homogeneous vinyl floor.

Low VOC emissions and 100% phthalate-free

Our iQ floors have extremely low VOC emissions contributing to optimal indoor air quality and are 100% phthalate free for a healthier indoor environment.

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