Two new Paris-based artful installations celebrate circularity using Tarkett products

Two new Paris-based artful installations celebrate circularity using Tarkett products

19th January 2023

As a pioneer in the design of circular floor coverings, Tarkett is starting 2023 with two interactive and innovative experiences. The first can be found at Maison & Objet (Jan 19-23 2023) and the second in the Atelier Tarkett, with both installations highlighting a major issue in the fight against resource depletion and climate change: circular design. Doing more with less is Tarkett’s commitment, mission and mindset.

The immersive experience Circularity in Action by Laurence Carr

At Maison & Objet, Circularity in Action is an immersive, artful and educational exhibition. Conceived by Laurence Carr and the Confederation of Danish Industry, and in partnership with Tarkett, it puts the spotlight on several Danish furniture brands that have contributed to circular design.

The entire exhibition is equipped with Tarkett's circular products that can be fully recycled post use. On the floor are Airmaster Earth carpet tiles, which also contribute to greater quality of indoor air, as well as iD Square vinyl with glueless installation, making it easy to uninstall and recycle at the end of use. Decorating the walls is the LinoWall range, made with natural and bio-sourced ingredients as well as being fully recyclable.

Upon entry into this immersive exhibit, featuring floor and wall coverings by Tarkett, visitors will navigate past real examples of waste and byproducts to learn  how they are being re-imagined into the materials of the future, as well as why the circular movement is so crucial for our environment. Finally, guests will enter the main hall, where they will experience curated living spaces featuring circular furnishings, from sustainable Danish brands.

Maison & Objet, Hall 6, stand J102 - K101 (Jan 19 - 23, 2023)

Rest+art exhibition, the untold story of circularity

Presented at the Atelier Tarkett until March, the Rest+art exhibition, takes visitors on a journey through circularity, Tarkett's priority focus. When some see rubbish, Tarkett sees opportunity. Opportunity to create new with old, a chance to give value back to a resource, without ever wasting it. Thus, preserving natural resources, reducing waste and carbon emissions.

In its Paris showroom, Tarkett is hosting an exhibition that diverts and transcends the classic use of sustainable materials and takes its name from Tarkett's ReStart® floor covering take-back and recycling programme.

Rest+art, the untold story of circularity is a sensory playground, where art objects are approached in a tactile, tangible, and interactive way. Visitors are invited to discover the raw beauty of recycled materials, to rethink the way they view floor coverings and waste materials, and to see how they can be transformed into real works of art.

Atelier Tarkett, 43 rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris (until March 2023)

Both installations reflect Tarkett's commitment to build the way to better floors.

Photo credits: SUPERSKY - Rob Lipsius / Sam Henderson