vinyl floors offering a trendy design pallette

Discover our renewed Excellence vinyl ranges

The colour chart that sets the tone

vinyl floors offering a trendy design pallette

Introducing our new heterogeneous vinyl walls and floors range, for architects and designers seeking authenticity in their spaces.

From lifelike wood textures to timeless terrazzo, modern concrete to elegant minerals, the collection offers classic and contemporary options. Explore a vast array of modern colours and graphics – the essence of the Excellence design story – to bring your architectural vision to life.

A creative palette

The revitalised Excellence heterogeneous vinyl collection is the all-in-one solution for creating unique, exciting, and harmonious interiors for heavy traffic buildings and spaces.

Available in a thoughtfully curated and comprehensive new palette - a colour chart of contemporary and timeless patterns and finishes - the new collection lets designers mix and match styles, colours, and textures.

Wood and nature

Appreciate the hyperrealism of natural materials.

Different wood patterns faithfully capture the authenticity and diversity of wood. Discover a large choice of colours and patterns inspired by natural elements.

Minerals and materials

Rediscover the elegance of stone and modernity of concrete.

This large range draws inspiration from a spectrum of minerals like stone, marble, concrete, and terrazzo for its design aesthetic. 

Colours and graphics

Our colours and graphics range has introduced new monochromatic shades for contemporary environments, as well as a choice of subtle and bold graphics for personalising spaces.

Extra large designs

Our XXL designs boast extra scale, seamlessly replicating the expansive beauty of marble, wood, and stone patterns.

Spanning up to 6 metres in length, see how these designs can help bring nature indoors with unparalleled elegance and charm.

Excellent performance to suit all needs

All four ranges are meticulously crafted to withstand heavy use from people, equipment, beds, and wheelchairs without the need for repeated repair or renovation. The ranges are resistant to high traffic and rolling loads, are easy to clean, have noise reducing qualities, and are extremely durable and scratch resistant. 

Easy cleaning with Tektanium

The floors offer an effective and easy cleanability rating thanks to their new, protective coating, Tektanium.

This PU coating uses an innovative polymer system, which forms a stronger layer of protection, delivering excellent resistance to scratches, abrasions, wear, and stains.

Sound reducing properties

The revamped range has many options for sound reduction performance, up to 19 dB.

This offers exceptional acoustic comfort, crucial for focused learning in schools and harmonious living in communal housing. Perfect for healthcare environments, it also balances acoustic properties with heavy load resistance.

Expertise and sustainability: made in Europe

This collection has been designed to be gentler on the planet with less waste and lower carbon emissions. It is manufactured in Tarkett plants based in Europe (a substantial portion made in France) which minimises transportation thereby reducing carbon emissions. The product’s offcuts are recyclable, and the level of recycled content is as high as 29% in some ranges, reducing the carbon footprint and waste. Vinyl offcuts, which can then be recycled into new products, are collected through Tarkett’s ReStart® take-back and recycling programme. 

Discover the collections

Excellence collections

Multi-option floor range, suitable for all segment needs. Comes in compact or acoustic options, in a wide range of design choices, including XXL designs.

Excellence Genius collections

The floors use a loose-lay installation method for a lower carbon footprint and quick renovation. Available in a curated range of eternally classic designs.

Platinium collections

Extreme resistance floors for highly demanding environments such as those at healthcare facilities.

Protectwall collections

High-performance vinyl wall covering that protects against impacts, scratches, stains, and chemicals. Specially suited for corridors and demanding spaces.

TX Stairs collection

Ensures a safer step in all settings, available with a complete selection of accessories. Self-adhesive option for faster and easier installation. 

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