Espresso Alchemy

Espresso Alchemy

2020 | Hong Kong

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For its new coffee shop in Harbour City, Hong Kong, one of the largest shopping center of the city, Espresso Alchemy a Specialty Coffee Roastery has selected Tarkett Homogeneous Vinyl for the flooring thanks to our Channel Partner in Hong Kong TAT MING Flooring Company.

The iQ Surface collection's colourways are ideal to empower hospitality and stores and shops designers to create the best experience for their customers. iQ Surface has all the cutting-edge innovation of Tarkett configured towards the most creative of applications.

At just 2mm thickness, it carries the lifelong performance of Tarkett iQ homogeneous vinyl and is able to withstand decades of constant use without diminishing in its appearance. In 2020, The Red Dot Design Awards 2020 rewarded Tarkett's iQ Surface due to its outstanding design quality!

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A new coffee shop in Hong Kong largest shopping center selects Tarkett’ Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

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