Dura Vermeer

Dura Vermeer

2020 | Hengelo , Netherlands

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Dura Vermeer commissioned Boerhof Projectinrichters designers to renovate the Hengelo office with new floor coverings, for the whole space. The designers chose a combination of Tarkett’s DESSO & Ex and DESSO Frisk floorings, which have an excellent acoustic effect. In order to maintain consistency, the material and structure of the flooring remained the same throughout the office, however each floor was decorated with a unique color. This striking carpet has a colour gradient, in which various patterns perfectly blend together.

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Discover Dura Vermeer’s new offices in The Netherlands, by Boerhof Projectinrichters designers, with two acoustic carpet tile floors, DESSO & Ex and DESSO Frisk.

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Dura Vermeer