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Carbon Conscious Program

A way to instantly reduce your footprint.

We are aware of the impact that our flooring has on the planet, and we strive every day to reduce this impact. We are aware, too, of the environmental challenges faced by our partners in the building industry. In response to these shared challenges, Tarkett’s Carbon Conscious Program helps you to instantly reduce your carbon footprint in one simple step.

Carbon Conscious Program

Conscious choices. For people and planet.

For more than a decade, we have been passionate advocates of the circular economy – one that is supported by Cradle to Cradle principles. A widely recognized solution to resource scarcity and the climate emergency, the circular economy is transforming the way we design and manufacture products.

A core part of Tarkett’s circular approach is to consciously focus on using healthy materials in our products and to ensure that these products are safely recycled at the end of use. In addition, we continue to reduce our energy use, convert our factories worldwide to renewable energy and use recycled materials in our products to reduce their carbon footprint.

Choosing Tarkett comes with the assurance that you are choosing products consciously designed with a reduction of carbon footprint in mind from the onset. Where we are unable to further reduce carbon emissions through our rigorous product design and manufacturing processes, we offer to offset the remainder, through our Carbon Conscious Program, with externally verified carbon credits.

Tarkett Supports REDD+

Today, when you join our Carbon Conscious Program, you directly support the TambopataBahuaja Biodiversity Reserve in Peru, which protects over 590,000 hectares of threatened tropical rainforest. Your participation contributes to safeguarding an area roughly the size of Los Angeles, helping the local farming community, protecting fauna and improving biodiversity.

For more information please visit REDD+ Business Initiative

Tarkett Supports REDD+

Let’s be Carbon Conscious. Together.

Join our carbon conscious program in 3 simple steps when you specify our products, and we will ensure that they are fully carbon neutral.


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